When is the Right Time to Read a Book?

When is the Right Time to Read a Book? – Finding the right time to read can basically be done at any time. There is no specific provision that reading should be at such an hour and so much, let alone reading a book. You can specify a suitable time to use reading.

For some people, reading books can actually be used as a means to relax or the cool term now is healing. A person who often reads books will easily get additional knowledge and knowledge. This is certainly very different from the habit of reading or finding information through social media.

When reading books, everyone is known to have different times to read books. There are those who like to read books before activities, in between activities, even the most, namely after a routine or before going to bed. This is because there is no right time to read properly and correctly.

A. The Right Time to Read a Book

Books we know are one of the best sources for discovering a science. It’s just that, along with the very rapid development of information technology or what we better know as the digital era, the interest in reading by the younger generation is decreasing.

Well, for those of you who just want to start reading books, you can try reading books at some of the following times. By trying some of the right time to read the following book, it is hoped that you can be more consistent and more enthusiastic in reading books or seeking knowledge .

Well , here are some time to read books that you need to know, including:

1. At Dawn or Morning

First, the right time to read a book is in the morning or rather at dawn. Reading in the morning will make a person more focused on understanding something. This is because the atmosphere of dawn or morning is very calm.

In addition, the sound of crowing chickens and fresh air can make reading activities more enjoyable. Coupled with the atmosphere of the road that is still quiet and there are no vehicles passing by, the brain will feel more focused and very suitable for gaining knowledge.

For some people, the morning is the most appropriate time to read a book. Reading a book can also be one of the best preferred activities before starting the activity. Not only that, but the morning time is the right time for the brain to accept and understand the readings.

In the morning, the state of mind and feelings are still fresh and warm so it is very suitable when starting with reading books. It’s just that this time is not suitable for some people who have the habit of getting up quickly and starting their activities immediately. Moreover, for those who wake up should immediately prepare for school or work with a predetermined morning schedule.

2. When It Rains

Then, the right time to read a book is when it rains. Many people like the atmosphere when it rains because it can give a warm and more lively feeling for reading activities

Rain can be said to be a medicine to soothe the soul and mind. Rain can make the atmosphere colder and calmer. This is certainly very suitable for people who like to make imaginations and look for inspiration in between their daily activities. In addition, rain can also make a person more sensitive, for example, just like remembering the past.

In addition, the brain’s thinking power created when it rains will increase three times due to the comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, a friend who is suitable in times of rain, of course, is a book and a cup of warm drinks to be a very shabby combination.

3. After Bathing

Next, the right time to read a book is when you finish taking a shower. When you finish taking a shower, you will have a fresher body and mind than before. Of course, this time is very suitable for reading books.

For example, when you wake up in the morning. If you still feel sleepy and difficult to get to do activities. Bathing can be a panacea to relieve drowsiness while making the mind fresher. It is common knowledge that one of the reasons a person does not read books is due to laziness. However, there are also some people who don’t read books because of boredom.

Most people who don’t really like the activity of reading books have the assumption that small and voluminous writing will very quickly bring out drowsiness. Therefore, bathing can be used as a medicine or solution to relieve drowsiness and boredom. Some people also claim to be able to overcome various obstacles so that they are more focused on starting to read books.

4. In the Early Hours of the Morning

The right time to read the next book is in the early hours of the morning or at night’s bedtime. For example, if you are going to bed but your eyes are still awake, you can try to read a book to get calm at night. It is also believed that it will be more effective for improving sleep quality.

In today’s era, many people are hit by insomnia or difficulty sleeping because of the thoughts raging in the early hours of the morning. When studied literally, early morning can mean silence and bedtime for the world. Silence and silence without one’s own voice can really be used to bring out a good atmosphere for sleep. Therefore, if you are often awake and have trouble sleeping, reading books can be a medicine to improve your sleep quality. However, it could be that by reading a book, you will have a harder time sleeping because of the increasingly raging thoughts. You can choose a light book like a novel or about mindfulness.

5. Wake Up

Finally, it is different from the time in the morning. The most appropriate time to read this book is when you wake up from sleep. When you wake up, the brain will be more motivated to find various activities to be done next. Therefore, the first thing you need to avoid when you wake up is not recommended to hold. Operating on a cell phone when waking up from sleep is known to further increase the feeling of laziness to get up or get into bed. Waking up is basically the most productive time for a person, whether you wake up in the morning, during the day, in the afternoon, in the afternoon, or at night. The feeling of waking up will make it easier for you to focus. No wonder, this time is very suitable for reading books.

B. How to Take the Time to Read a Book

After knowing the importance of reading books and the right time to read books. In this section, we will discuss about the most effective ways to spend some time reading books. Of course, planning time can be very easy, it’s just that without strong motivation, then the plan may be in vain.

Well, the following will be presented some ways to take the time to read a book. By applying this method, you are guaranteed to have more strong motivation to be able to take a little time to read books. Some of these methods, including the following:

1. Always Carry Books

The first way to take the time to read a book is to always bring a book or other reading source. When you want to travel anywhere, you can deliberately read the book you are reading. By getting used to being near a book, it will be easier for you to be interested in reading a book. In addition, there are many situations that can make you should be able to read books. For example, when you are on your way to a place, or when you are in a queue waiting for a call. This time of silence will certainly be more useful if you use it to read a certain book or reading source, even if it is only for a short time.

2. Read Books Digitally

The second way you can take the time to read books is to have an electronic book or commonly called an ebook on a smart phone. If carrying books wherever you go is quite a hassle, you can maximize your smartphone to store various types of books digitally or electronically.

In the era of advances in information technology like now, reading books digitally is more in demand. In addition to being practical and not eating space, digital books are also somewhat cheaper than the price pegged for printed books. Digital books will be perfect for those of you who have a fairly busy time, but still want to take the time to read books. Some people also prefer digital books because they can reduce excessive use of paper.

3. Reading at Night or In the Morning

The third way that can make you have free time to read books is at night or in the morning. Besides being able to be done in between daily activities, you can try to read a book at night after activities or in the morning before activities.

At these two times, a person usually does not do too much activity. Therefore, one of the good things that can be used to fill free time is to read books. The activity of reading books basically doesn’t need to be long, you can just spare half an hour or fifteen minutes. The most important thing is that reading books is done consistently.

4. Get Rid of Annoying Things

Fourth, the way to take the time to read a book is to get rid of things that can be annoying. Some things that are known to cause disturbances when reading books, namely social media, cellphones, or games. These three things are considered to be able to change your focus, which was originally to read books, to enjoy time with your smartphone.

Therefore, for those of you who want to seriously read books, you can first keep away all electronic devices that can interfere with focus. This disorder itself is better known as distraction, distraction from a smartphone has the potential to take away your free time that should be used for useful activities, for example like reading a few pages of a book.

5. Set Targets

The way to take the time to read the next book is to set a goal in reading the book. You can do this by setting a clear target regarding the time to finish reading.

For example, like when you want to spend two books in one month. So, you can make an agenda to read a book every day for at least 30 minutes. In such a way, both unconsciously and consciously, you will be more motivated to consistently spend time meeting your goals in reading books.

6. Join the Reading Community

Then, the way you can do to take the time to read books is to join a book reading community. The book reading community itself is now more widely known as a literacy activist. There are so many literacy activists in Indonesia, it’s just that this community still doesn’t really attract people in various regions.

By having friends with the same hobby, which is reading books. Then you will find it easier to interact regarding your reading activities. If you are suitable to join the book reading community, you will become more interested and more enthusiastic about spending time reading books.

In addition to increasing the enthusiasm for reading books, you will also have new experiences gained from the stories of reading your friends. Fellow members of the book reading community will encourage each other. It is of course effective for increasing the desire to read books consistently.

7. Read Your Favorite Types of Books

The last way to take the time to read a book is to read the kind of book you like. Before you read, one of the most powerful factors to make someone interested in reading a book is curiosity or liking for something.

Books are things that are able to provide clear and in-depth answers regarding something you want to know. Well, for those of you who want to start reading books, you can start based on the topic or theme you like. This method is believed to be very effective so that you can have the habit of reading not feeling burdensome, in fact it is fun.

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Thus is the discussion of the right time to read a book as well as several ways to take the time to read a book. A series of explanations, you can apply in your daily life so that you can use more time with quality activities.


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