The Best Time to Sunbathe in the Morning and Its 5 Benefits

Sunbathing in the morning is one type of activity that is often carried out by some people in the morning. Usually sunbathing is performed by some people who have an advanced age. Not only that, in the midst of a pandemic like today, even from children, teenagers, to parents also do sunbathing every morning. This has been proven by the existence of several research studies that state that sunbathing in the morning brings a lot of benefits for health in the body. Therefore, let’s look at the discussion in the following article to the end!

When is the best time to sunbathe in the morning?

Doyou know that sunbathing in the morning has many benefits? Not only for the body, sunbathing in the morning will affect health. This is due to the good content that is in the morning sun. That is why many people sunbathe in the morning. They need a good content in the sun’s rays. Both adults and infants though. However, when is the best time to sunbathe in the morning? The morning sun is indeed good for the body. However, you still pay attention to the right time to sunbathe in the morning. You can’t be careless to sunbathe. There are things you should do or pay attention to. This is done to get the maximum benefit.

The best time to sunbathe in the morning is from 09.00 to 10.00 am. At that time the sun is good for the skin. The reason is that the waves of ultraviolet rays from the sun have begun to decrease. His ultraviolet light wave is already a short wave. Sometimes, there are people who bask under 9:00 a.m. This is considered inappropriate.

In addition, the thighs and lower limbs should also be exposed to sunlight. Another part that is good for sun exposure is the back. You are also recommended to cover parts of the body that are sensitive to sunlight. For example, like the face, try to cover it using a hat. In addition, the eyes also include sensitive parts of the body. You can cover part of the eye with black glasses.

Benefits of Sunbathing in the Morning

Everyone who does sunbathing in the morning certainly has their own various reasons. Some of them may have reasons, such as wanting to make the skin tone darker or increase immunity in the body to other reasons.

In addition, there are also those who do sunbathing in the morning because it is limited to hobbies or just fill their spare time. However, do you know that basking in the sun in the morning has so many benefits that have a positive impact on health in the body? can also read one of the recommended books on this one about “Opredo Board Book Said Doctor: Come on, Sunbathing!” which contains stories and invitations to live a healthy life through sunbathing in the morning. Immediately, you can have the book by clicking below!

The reason is sunlight that does not yet contain UV B. As is known, the content of UV B is the content needed by the body. Therefore, it is recommended to sunbathe at 09.00 to 10.00. Another thing to be aware of when sunbathing is the length or duration of sunbathing. Although it is good for the skin, but you are not recommended to sunbathe for a long time. It is enough to sunbathe for 15 minutes.

The longest time to sunbathe is 20 minutes. If you sunbathe for too long, then it actually harms your skin. This is because the skin that has been exposed to the sun for too long will burn. Not only that, there are some side effects caused by sunbathing for too long. As the skin becomes dull and dry. It will cause you to experience premature aging. Skin that is exposed to the sun for too long will damage the cells in the skin. The worst possibility is that too long sunbathing can also lead to skin cancer.

Sunbathing in the morning is indeed allowed. However, try to reduce its duration every day. Enough with a shorter time. In addition, you can also sunbathe in the morning as much as 3 times a week. The duration of sunbathing is only 20 minutes. The next thing to pay attention to is the body exposed to the sun. Not all bodies, there are some bodies that should be exposed to sunlight. Such as the upper arms of the right and left hands.

The following are some of the benefits of sunbathing in the morning for health, including the following.

1. Maintain Blood Pressure

Basking in the morning sun can be beneficial in maintaining or lowering blood pressure to keep it well controlled. This can help someone who is experiencing hypertension. That way, sunbathing can help in activating nitrogen monoxide (NO) in the upper skin layer.

Meanwhile, based on one of the research studies conducted by researchers from the University of Edinburgh stated that the compound or commonly called nitric oxide can help in being released into the blood vessels as soon as the sun’s rays touch the surface of the skin.

Thus, this compound can help in improving blood circulation by releasing blood vessels and keeping them so that the blood pressure can be well controlled . It can also break some people’s notion that the benefits of sunbathing in the morning are not just to get vitamin D production.

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2. Improves Sleep Quality

Some people may experience poor sleep patterns or suffer from insomnia. You can overcome this with one of the solutions, which is to sunbathe in the morning . One of the following remedies is considered better than consuming sleeping pills or supplements.

Sunbathing in the morning can help in producing melatonin (the hormone that makes the body sleepy) so that it can improve sleep quality for the better. Not only that, sunbathing in the morning can also help in maintaining a more normal circadian rhythm.

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3. Relieve Depression

The benefits of sunbathing in the next morning, that is, it can relieve the level of depression. If there is a lack of sunlight, it can cause a disorder commonly called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. SAD is one of the common types of depression that is common and often occurs when in winter.

Therefore, sunlight in the morning can trigger the brain to release the hormone serotonin which can improve mood and feeling calmer so that it can relieve people with depression.

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4. Improves Bone Health

Vitamin D can help the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorus. Both of these things can improve bone health. The benefits of sunbathing in the morning, namely directing the bones to become stronger and can help in preventing osteoporosis or inflammation in the joints.

Not only that, vitamin D3 also turns out to have a fairly important role in providing density to bones. Vitamin D3 is a type of fat-soluble vitamin that is formed during the process of making vitamin D when the morning sun hits the surface of the skin. This of course can regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus so that it can improve bone health to remain well controlled.

Various types of bone health are very important things to pay attention to. Sometimes, early detection in diseases related to the health of bones, joints, back pain or so on can make the healing process more optimal and the chances of recovery are even greater. However, in fact, many people do not understand this.

This book also explains the solutions to treat the disease and how to prevent it. Thus, it is hoped that people can better understand how important it is to maintain bone health which turns out to have a very important function in supporting all organs in our body .

5. Boosts the Immune System

Basking in the morning sun also has benefits in boosting the immune system in the body. It can also suppress the presence of an overactive immune system so that it can treat autoimmune diseases, such as psoriasis.

The content of vitamin D which is also found in sunlight can help the body in fighting several diseases, such as certain types of cancer, flu, muscles, sclerosis, heart, and so on.

In addition, the presence of white blood cells will also experience an increase when exposed to the morning sun directly so that it can help in fighting a disease and prevent the presence of infections in the body. Thus, sunbathing in the morning can increase your immune system to be even more controlled.

Well, that’s the discussion in this article about some of the benefits of sunbathing in the morning for health in the body. Hopefully, after reading this article, Grameds can make sunbathing in the morning as one of the routines or solutions in maintaining the importance of health in the body. In addition, this article can also increase knowledge about the benefits of sunbathing in the morning that you don’t know about Grameds.

However, you should make sure that your skin is not sensitive. Sensitive skin is not recommended to sunbathe. It will make the skin condition not good. In addition, stop sunbathing activities when side effects appear. As redness appears on the skin, this will make the skin uncomfortable and can even cause irritation.


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